Duo World Globe Swarovski

Duo World Globe Swarovski from Columbus.
LOUPE available.
Relative dimensions of the object compared to a person of 1,70m (67"). Small objects are on a table. diameter in cm and inch Illuminated Globe This article becomes an interactive talking article if used with the Audio/Video pen (sold separately).

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Brand:  Columbus       ( Ref: S204081 )

Illuminated globe:  yes  (external cable)
Audio/Video compatible:  yes     (See explanations)

Diameter sphere:  16 inch  (40 cm)
Overall height:  20 inch  (50 cm)

Base in:  metal (steel)
Meridian in:  metal (steel)
Sphere in:  Plexiglas Heavy Duty
Lacquered Sphere:  yes  (multilayer, shiny)

This sparkling globe is a beautiful object made with Swarovski Zirconia.
Each Zirconia enhances a major metropolis on earth.

Swarorvski's Pure Brilliance cuts for zirconia are truly cuts above the rest.
An entirely new dimension of brilliance was achieved by applying ideal diamond cut standards to the Round Pure Brilliance Zirconia for the very first time, strictly adhering to the exacting standards of the Gemological Instiute of America (GIA) for grading diamond cut quality.
Every single Swarovski Zirconia is marked with a microscopic engraving that is completely invisible to the naked eye. The laser-engraved quality seal guarantees that these stones are of the highest precision and brilliance and meet the highest cutting standards of the diamond industry.

This globe is an outstanding achievement that combines the experience of Columbus Globes to the high brilliance of Swarovski Zirconia .

This world globe exists in:  english  deutsch  français 
Cartography of the . Please click to see the other images.

More Images

The Duo map.

The political * map (switched off) shows the various countries of the earth in many matched colours.
The physical * map (switched on) shows the mountains, the plates, the plains and sea-beds.

The impression of relief shown by the illuminated map is really astonishing.

We don't just print our globes; we strive to create an incredibly deep, flawless shine. It all starts in our state-of-the-art 'clean printing room', where our craftsmen work just with superior acrylic sheets. Bringing in all kind of papers is strictly forbidden, because it would bring in fine paper dust particles which could later be attracted in the printing process. Printing up to 24 successive layers of colors, there's a curing process between each layer, along with an inspection and careful cleaning. Once the printing is complete, a high gloss clear coat layer is applied over the entire map, than it is sent back for inspection to our cartographic department.

Unmistakable COLUMBUS cartography: Splendour of Elegance.

Delivery date of the Duo World Globe Swarovski *

Delivery date of the Duo World Globe Swarovski
* indicative date for an order validated today.

This globe becomes an interactive talking globe if used with the Audio/Video pen.

Audio/Video pen. Please click to view the article page.
Extensive information as
Country datas (population, life expectancy, ...),
National anthems and even a
Quiz (around the world)
can be heared directly on the speaker of the Audio/Video pen, for each country of the world.

And if you have a smartphone or a tablet, you can watch touristic
for each country of the world.

You can purchase the Audio/Video pen from us (see right or here ), or elsewhere, or even not at all (a non talking world globe is also very nice and informative).

Guarantees for the Duo World Globe Swarovski

Satisfaction Guarantee
Direct Guarantee: 1 year
Columbusglobes.co.uk refunds you the difference if you find the same article cheaper in the European Union.
Paul Oestergaard created Columbus in 1909.
Torsten Oestergaard

Established 1909 in Germany, COLUMBUS is the oldest globe manufacturer in the World.

COLUMBUS quickly became and continue to be the World's best-selling line of luxury globes ( Chaplin chose in 1940 the Columbus globe "Die Erde" for his world famous film).
Popular features such as internal illumination (1948), dual-mapping (1955), the Day and Night Globe (1972) were all innovations introduced by Columbus globes.

While being innovators and leaders, Columbus is also focused on preservation of traditional globe manufacturing processes such as the exclusive mouth-blowing of crystal spheres and the hand laminating of cartography.

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Base: metal
Meridian: metal
This sparkling globe is a beautiful object made with Swarovski Zirconia.
Each Zirconia enhances a major metropolis on earth.

Swarorvski's Pure Brilliance cuts for ...

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