Tide Computer and Nocturnal

Tide Computer and Nocturnal from Geodus.
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Relative dimensions of the object compared to a person of 1,70m (67"). Small objects are on a table. diameter in cm and inch

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Diameter: 4 inch  (10 cm)
Overall height: 4 inch  (12 cm)

Weight: 0.35 kg  (0.8 lb)
Materials: lacquered metal

Tide Computer and Nocturnal.

Reproduction of a Tide Computer and Nocturnal realized by Humphrey Cole in 1570.
An original specimen of this instrument is carefully guarded in the British Museum in London.

The abacus or tide computer (front side) is used to figure the time of high and low tides.
A nocturnal (rear side) is an instrument used to determine the time during the night, based on the position of a certain star in the night sky.

This is typically a navigational instrument.

The first known description of a nocturnal was done by Ramon Llull by the end of the thirteenth century.
It was an important navigational instrument until about 1800, when it was replaced by more specialized and accurate instruments.

A nocturnal has an outer disc marked with the months of the year, and an inner disc marked with hours (half hours) as well as locations for one or more reference stars.
It also has a pointer rotating on the same axis as the discs. The axis has a hole in his center, so a star can be sighted through it.
Since the instrument is used at night, markings are exaggerated or raised.
The inner disc has a diagram of the necessary constellations and stars, to aid in locating them.

Attention to detail, historical interest, beauty of forms characterize this very fine Tide Computer and Nocturnal, shipped complete with a hardwood display stand and a user guide ( in english in french in german in spanish in italian ).

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mark: 5 on 5. Beautifully crafted
Francisco M. from SE14 5AP London (United kingdom)

mark: 5 on 5. yes, it is very nice and fonctionnel yes i like this Nocturlabe.Thank you, Alain
Roschi A. from Lausanne (Vaud, Switzerland)


Materials: lacquered metal

 4,8 on 5 (10 reviews)

2 last reviews

Beautifully crafted by Francisco M. from SE14 5AP London

yes, it is very nice and fonctionnel yes i like this Nocturlabe.Thank you, Alain by Roschi A. from Lausanne

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